About Me

Hey! My name is David! I am obsessed with studying media communication. I’m particularly interested in how digital media affects the way people interact with each other–especially in global and transcultural connections. I am a graduate student at New York University in the Media, Culture, and Communication Department.

I hold my bachelor’s degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey, where I studied Global Communication & Media. I also minored in both Marketing and Digital Filmmaking–along with a Web Development Certification. A detailed list of conference presentations, publications, and scholarly work is available on my CV.

In my professional career, I have collaborated with several non-profits and educational institutions to assist them in their marketing and digital media needs. In 2017, I began a website design company to create websites for the public. Four years later, I entered the marketing field, being hired to lead a marketing department at a local independent school where I increased enrollment by over 30 percent.




Hello my name is David! I'm a MA student at NYU where I'm studying Media, Culture, & Communication. You'll be able to see all my work here–whether it be my designed websites, documentaries, scholarly research, blog, and other work. Through all the places and things I discover, you'll be able to see it here. Follow my updates and discover with me New York City!